Course image High Voltage Analysis
Short Course (360 hours)

High Voltage testing is usually performed to qualify the device to operate safely during rated electrical conditions, a way to check the effectiveness of its insulation. The objective sought during the high voltage testing will determine the type and amount of voltage applied and the acceptable current flow.

Course image IT Support Technician
Short Course (360 hours)

This is a basic course of Information and communication Technology.IT Support Technician course provides a solid foundation in the basic and intermediate skills for working with Hardware, Operating system, Application Software, Networking and Internet basic applications. This course is ready to extend the knowledge and upgrade skill into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of basic operations in IT Support.

Course image Basic Design Masonry
Short Course (360 hours)

The course is designed for individuals who are interested in learning the basic principles of design masonry.  The course will cover various aspect of design masonry,  including different types of masonry material, tools, and techniques. The course will provide an overview of masonry design principles and the process of designing and construction basic masonry structures. 

Course image Professional Web Development & Freelancing
Short Course (360 hours)

This course include the following

  • Html, CSS, Bootstrap, sass, Basic JavaScript, Basic PHP, Basic WordPress and Freelancing 
  • After Completing the course Learner will able to do Freelancing at, Upwork .com and more Market place more details about Instructor visit the link: Jashimcse
  • Perquisite of this Course:
  • S.S.C Passed and Operate Computer office Application

Course image Programming Essential in Java
Short Course (360 hours)

This course introduces computer programming using the JAVA programming language with object-oriented programming principles. Emphasis is placed on event-driven programming methods, including creating and manipulating objects, and classes, and using object-oriented tools such as the class debugger. This course has been approved to satisfy the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement for transferability as a pre-major and/or elective course requirement.